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Initial dosage for the first week: 0 MG CBD. This is the preferred dosage of most users for the selection you have made. It is recommended to start with this dosage and spread the intake throughout the day with each meal. If there is no improvement in symptoms, the next dosage recommendation can be applied below.

Follow-up dosage after initial dosage did not improve symptoms: 0 MG CBD. It is recommended to spread the dosage throughout the day with each meal. This dosage is the permanent dosage for many users. If there is no improvement of symptoms, the next dosage recommendation can be applied.

Follow-up dosage if symptoms did not improve: 0 MG CBD.

This dosage should be applied after about 3 weeks if symptoms still have not improved. It is recommended to take the CBD throughout the day with each meal.

1 drop of 10% CBD oil = 4 mg CBD
1 drop of 5% CBD oil = 2 mg CBD
1 drop of 10% CBG and 5% CBD oil = 4 mg CBG and 2 mg CBD

The generated calculations as well as all information contained on this website are for general information purposes only and do not constitute medical assistance of any kind. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Therefore, any reliance on this information is solely at your own risk. Talk to your doctor before starting or changing your CBD treatment routine. Hembona s.r.o does not issue any health claims regarding CBD products and it is recommended to consult a qualified doctor before consuming CBD products or cannabis goods. We do not take any official position on the use of CBD. Hembona s.r.o is not responsible for any inappropriate or incorrect use of the information, products or services provided by this website and disclaims any responsibility for any information obtained through this website, including advice, recommendations, opinions or care procedures.

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