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HempBona Brand Story

We are a family business with all members contributing to its development. This is either technically, such as the development of harvesting, drying and processing techniques, or economic and marketing.

About the company

Our story dates back to 2017, when we started growing hemp out of curiosity, on an area of one hectare. Since 2017, we have tested and tested in our fields 5 out of a total of 26 certified varieties of technical hemp approved for cultivation in the EU. French varieties have proven themselves best for us, which not only stand out for their taste and aromatic properties, but also provide the most active ingredients for the human body. We grow exclusively in organic farming in fields unburdened by chemicals.
Until now, we have focused exclusively on growing and selling products for wholesale customers. Thanks to the knowledge gained and experience in finalizing products, we founded the HempBona brand in 2021. Under this brand, we offer high-quality eco-products for the market, for the cultivation of which we have prepared several hectares of fields in ecological mode for 2022.

Quality is essential for us

Our CBD oils are created through alcohol extraction, which provides greater bioavailability and overall quality of the resulting CBD products. Compared to other methods , it extracts the greatest amount of health-promoting substances, valuable terpenes, amino acids and others. The triple distillation used (at different pressures, temperatures and times) preserves all the important components in the extract and at the same time gets rid of undesirable substances. The result is real “Full Spectrum ” products that capture the overall cannabinoid and terpene profile of a plant.

The production and development of our cbd oils takes place in the leading and only certified GMP SÚKL laboratory for drug cannabis testing in the Czech Republic. It is one of the few laboratories of this type in Europe.

Our HempBona Team


Our main farmer.
He oversees the entire process - from soil preparation, through sowing, harvesting, drying to material storage. It ensures that the quality of our hemp is first-class. He is also engaged in business activities at times, but he feels best when he is in his tractor in the hemp fields.


He is in charge of the creation and development of individual products. In addition, he is also engaged in the development of marketing communication towards customers. She is engaged in customers, and field work is also no stranger to her.


His task is to develop the strategy and main direction of the company. He communicates with partners, develops business relationships and long-term partnership cooperation.
As a researcher, he covers the company's research and development activities

Brother-in-law Miro

Our expert in electrical equipment and automation. He helps mainly from a technical point of view, but he is a versatile expert and hard worker.

Grandpa Miro

Our main "inventor" and the brain of the technical division. He is constantly mastering and figuring out how to improve technology and make work on the farm more efficient.

HempBona (36)


A perfect tractor driver and a diligent guy with a more good mood. He has known hemp intimately in just 5 years and is not afraid of any challenge. His experience and reliability are invaluable.

Uncle Ivan

Harvester in body and soul. His many years of experience and work commitment help us harvest every year.


A faithful companion who makes our day in and out of the field more enjoyable. Guards the harvest and drives away uninvited visits 😊

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