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CBD oil 10% + Hemp Ointment

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Discounted packaging – CBD oil 10% (10ml) + Hemp ointment (50ml)

Full spectrum CBD oil (10ml) contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds beneficial to our organism. In our CBD oil, use only the best parts of hemp grown in organic farming. For this oil, it was removed by a special method chlorophyll to ensure only thehighest purity, quality and taste.

Hemp ointment with natural CBD content supplemented with a special ingredient of Bach flower essences.

  • Containing hemp extract from carefully selected parts of hemp, it is thickened and rich in a complex of effective cannabinoids, including CBD. The active ingredients from hemp extract are very well absorbed through the skin
  • It contains a specific combination of 5 Bach flower essences helpful in crisis and in acute conditions such as stress, anxiety, shock, feeling of falling off, fear of an exam, acute pain, injury, burn, vaccination, chickenpox, etc.
  • Effective for pain and inflammation of the skin, joints, lower back, spine and nerves
  • To relax the whole body
  • 100% natural preparation without any additives, does not even contain additives allowed in natural products


From raw materials in organic certified quality SK-BIO-002

From raw materials in organic certified quality SK-BIO-002

Laboratory tested

Laboratory tested

1drop cbd oil = 4mg CBD

1drop cbd oil = 4mg CBD

Our natural CBD oil is not aromatized. MCT (coconut oil) is used as the base. It contains saturated fat, which not only allows the body to better process cannabinoids, but also has other health-promoting effects.

The main therapeutic effect of CBD stems mainly from itssequestration to suppress enzymes that break down anandamide (our internal endocannabinoid), thus keeping the “molecule of happiness” in the body longer and in higher concentrations. It can be said that CBD encourages the body to heal itself and helps to balance it overall. You can learn more in the article on our blog What is CBD and what effects does cbd oil have.


  • Check out the article on our blog Introduction to CBD Dosage
  • Store at room temperature away from light.
  • Do not touch the mouth of the dropper to maintain the quality of the oil
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Total amount of cannabinoids



Full spectrum


Manufactured under the OPL license with traceable production origin. The oil is made from legal varieties of hemp.


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